ClassFindr is an edTech startup dedicated to the empowerment of students. We are creating a platform for students to look beyond their own school and design their own pathways to graduation.

First, we listened to issues students face.

“Classes get so full that you have to redo your whole schedule.”

Alex, current student

“I wish I planned better so I wouldn’t be dropping courses I needed.”

John, former student

“I went to community college for the first two years, but had to finish online. The cost is crazy.”

Ben, former student

“General ed classes are always full.”

Alicia, advisor

The choices lie with the student about how quickly they would like to receive their degree.

Alicia, advisor

Now we’re working on a better way for students to save time and money on their path to graduation.

Coming soon…

ClassFindr is a platform that bridges the gap between empty seats across colleges and provides affordable course alternatives to students outside of their home institutions.

The web app is designed to streamline the process of credit transfers among universities within higher education, regardless of a student’s home institution. We are a resource used by both college students as well as institutional administrations. One of the main features of the web design is the comparison of classes based on time, length and of cost of each course. Once a course is selected, a student can submit a request directly to their home institution advisor and track the acceptance or rejection of said transfer.

We work to close the Higher education attainment gap by uncovering opportunity, class flexibility, and choice through the connection of affordable courses.

Let’s build something together.

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